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How to Help a Cat Give Birth If She Can’t Cope On Her Own


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Cat birth

Cat birth is a responsible process. The feelings of the owner of the cat are understandable, and many animals themselves want to see the owner nearby. But you need to help your pet correctly so as not to harm.

How do cats give birth?

Cats carry offspring for about 2.5 months. For one birth, both 1-2 kittens and 6-7 are born. The process itself takes several hours and consists of several stages. If you are helping your cat give birth, then you need to know how everything usually goes:

  • Attempts – kittens pass through the birth canal in 4-5 attempts.
  • Birth – kittens come out in the amniotic sac, less often without it.
  • Start breathing – the cat breaks the bladder and licks the born kitten, removing mucus from the respiratory tract.
  • Rupture of the umbilical cord, eating the placenta – after the kittens, the placenta (placenta) comes out, which the cat eats. How many babies were born – so many afterbirths should come out.

Human assistance may be required at each stage of the birth of kittens. When all the babies came out, all the amniotic sacs were torn, the cat licked all the children and they suck milk – everything is done. Further assistance will be reduced to the proper care of the pet who has given birth.

To know for sure that all the kittens came out, it is advisable to first do an ultrasound scan and count the fruits. Then there will be no cause for concern if the number of babies born matches the number that the veterinarian called.

Proper help to a woman in labor

In the wild, cats give birth on their own, but in domestic cats, natural instincts are muted. For this reason, it is desirable that the owner was nearby during childbirth and could provide the necessary assistance in time. It is especially required for a cat giving birth for the first time. The pet can only guess what will be required of it. The task of the owner is to act competently, and if necessary, call the veterinarian.

Correct actions with the amniotic sac

If the bubble with the kitten inside is not damaged, if the fetus lies correctly head first, then your help is not required. You need to intervene in the following cases:

  • If the bubble is torn – prepare a clean cloth, wrap it around the kitten and gently pull it at the next fight.
  • If the bubble is torn, and the kitten goes booty – pull, without waiting for a fight, speed is more important so that the baby does not suffocate.

If the cat does not gnaw the amniotic sac, this must be done for her. You will need sterile scissors. Act quickly – if you delay for more than half a minute, the kitten may suffocate.

If the kittens are too big

It is difficult for a cat to give birth to large babies. It will also be difficult for you to remove the kitten, it will slip back into the vagina. If the cat’s vulva is dry, then lubricate it with petroleum jelly or lubricant.

Proceed as follows:

  • Wait for the next contraction, when the baby approaches the vulva.
  • Insert the index finger of a hand in a sterile glove a few centimeters into the vulva and move the skin towards the anus.
    • As soon as the kitten shows up, grab it and move it slightly to help it come out. Determine the intensity of the impact yourself individually.

What to do if the kitten is stuck

A few hours before birth, kittens take up a position with their faces forward. But sometimes babies change position or their head is turned to the side, making it difficult to get out of the vulva. To help a stuck kitten be born, lubricate the vulva with a lubricant or petroleum jelly and perform the following manipulations with a sterile glove.

  • Gently insert your finger into the baby’s mouth, if the amniotic sac allows;
  • Turn the kitten’s head in the right direction so that the cat’s contractions push it further;
  • Press on the cat’s perineum at the bottom of the anus – this will cause a fight, and the baby will not be able to return back.

We act in the same way if the kitten goes forward with the sacrum – you cling to the paws and guide it through the birth canal.

It happens that for some reason the kittens in the womb died. In this case, they will still be born naturally. The cat will go into labor, and if your help is needed, you can act less carefully. It is important that everything is in order with the cat, because if the fetus is stuck, feel free to pull on any part of the body.

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What not to do during childbirth

In the desire to help a giving birth cat, it is important not to harm. There are a number of activities that are prohibited. What you should not do:

  • Do not press on the stomach, this will hurt the cat and harm the kittens inside.
  • Do not pull the umbilical cord so that it does not break or provoke a hernia in the cat.
  • Do not burst the bubble if the woman in labor is ready to do it herself.
  • Do not give injections without veterinary approval and do not use drugs to induce normal labor.
  • Do not use instruments without sterilization to avoid infection.
  • Do not take away kittens from a cat immediately after birth.

When to Call the Vet

Keep the number of the veterinary service at hand. You may need to seek qualified help at any time if something goes wrong. Delay during childbirth in a difficult situation is fraught with the death of both kittens and the cat itself.

An urgent call to the veterinarian is required if:

  • A kitten cannot be born for more than an hour;
  • The kitten is stuck, goes wrong, and you cannot help the animal;
  • The cat’s body temperature is too high or vice versa has decreased;
  • A liquid with an unpleasant odor, a strange color is released from the vulva;
  • The cat has palpitations;
  • The cat is unable to move, labor activity is weak or absent.
  • Call a specialist in case of any doubts, to be safe, at least consult by phone.

The consequences of a difficult birth in a cat can be various complications. They cannot be diagnosed and treated on their own. Therefore, a cat that has given birth within a week should be shown to the veterinarian and, if necessary, examined.

Maintain your composure when giving birth to a cat at home. Fluffy mom sensitively reads your mood. Act clearly and correctly, and soon newborn babies will delight both of you.

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