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Replace a part of an iPhone 13 mini at a low price


Dec 23, 2023
iPhone repair Oxnard

iPhone 13 mini: how to fix it at home?

The iPhone 13 mini belongs to the new generation of Apple smartphones, the presentation of which took place in September 2021 during a keynote. Equipped in particular with a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR screen, an A15 Bionic chip, and a battery eligible for wireless charging, this model is characterized by its compact format, it’s very good performance… and its price. Affordable since when it was released, it was available from €809. The price-performance ratio of this device is therefore very interesting.

In addition, although it has been on the market for only a few months, spare parts are already on sale to repair iPhone repair Oxnard, if necessary. On our site, we offer you a premium quality screen and battery, which you can replace at home. Thus, this allows you to change a component without calling a professional or after-sales service. If your phone is no longer under warranty or if you need it on a daily basis, especially for work, repairing it is more practical. Especially since no experience is required to replace elements of your iPhone 13 mini. Moreover, on our site, in addition to spare parts, tutorials are available to assist you during your repairs.

Spare parts available for this smartphone

Among the most sought-after components to repair Apple phones are the screen and the battery. This is why we offer these two spare parts for all smartphones of this brand and in particular, for the iPhone 13 mini. Thus, in the event of scratches, problems of operation or autonomy, for example, you can replace them and find performance and functionalities similar to those of the first days.

Of premium quality, our spare parts have components identical to those of origin. This means that they are perfectly compatible with this model. Similarly, by ordering them on our site, you benefit, with your purchase, from a free assembly guide that helps you repair your iPhone 13 mini. And to replace the screen or the battery, rest assured, it is not necessary to have specific skills or knowledge. This gesture is accessible to individuals and novices, provided they use the right accessories and proceed in order, paying attention to small fragile elements during disassembly and reassembly.

Tutorials and tools, valuable aids for replacing components

To repair your iPhone 13 mini, you can buy spare parts on our sites, such as a screen and a battery. We also provide you with tools to easily replace them and help you with your repairs. Screwdrivers, kits, deoxidation bombs, precision steel pliers, suction cups, containers for ultrasonic baths… you have the choice between various easy-to-use and inexpensive accessories. We also have kits in stock that contain everything you need to repair your smartphone.

Similarly, for each component, tutorials have been produced by our technicians. Very detailed, they guide you by indicating all the steps to follow and give you advice. So even if it’s your first time doing a repair on a phone, you can get it right. So, if you want to embark on the adventure, don’t wait any longer to consult the products and tutorials online on our site!

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