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How Chronic Care Management and Remote Physiologic Monitoring Work Together


May 17, 2022

Patients with chronic conditions need constant monitoring and care to keep their symptoms in control so they don’t come in the way of their lives, and in-person visits to the doctor can be very tiresome for most people. These conditions include diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, depression, and many others.




A chronic care management program provides treatment to people who have been suffering from two or more chronic conditions for at least a year. This program connects the patient with a professional healthcare provider to check on his health regularly. It involves remote physiologic monitoring that allows the provider to measure the patient’s vitals like pulse, diabetes, weight, blood pressure, etc., remotely with the help of advanced healthcare devices.


These healthcare devices measure the patient’s vital throughout the day and keep the provider updated by sending him the details. This way, the cause of the symptom is identified immediately, and the patient gets treated before his condition worsens. It prevents hospitalization and reduces the cost of treatment for the patients, and they also save so much time with remote treatment.


Chronic care management and remote physiologic monitoring work together to make treatment accessible for the patients, and they also help take the burden off of providers.


Make treatment easily accessible


CCM and RPM both work together to make getting treated accessible for people. It is challenging to visit doctors often in rural areas, but with the help of remote healthcare devices, people can always keep their health in check regardless of the place and time. These healthcare devices are incredibly user-friendly.


Patients can use them as quickly as they use their phones. The device measures the patient’s vitals and sends them to his provider so he can identify the changes more conveniently. This helps the patients who are bedridden or live far away get treated easily without going out of their way.


Make remote treatment possible


Without remote physiological monitoring, there is no way to monitor a patient without having him visit the clinics and hospitals regularly. RPM makes it possible for chronic care management to function properly by providing the patient with high-quality healthcare electronic devices through which the patient is remotely monitored.


CCM aims to keep the symptoms of chronic patients in control with regular medication and coordination. In order to do that, this program needs the devices made for remote patient monitoring, and RPM needs CPM the same way as the devices can only measure the vitals. Still, only a professional healthcare provider can identify the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.


Build closer relationships with patients


Chronic care management allows the patients to build a closer relationship with their providers through remote patient monitoring. Patients can communicate with the provider regularly via Live Streams or video chats which makes the providers reachable to them. The providers are also constantly receiving updates on their patients’ health via healthcare devices, so they also feel more invested in the treatment and take immediate actions in case of changes in the symptoms.


Educate the patients


CCM and RPM are working together to educate the patients as well. Before these programs, patients’ awareness of their diseases was limited to what doctors had told them. They were dependent on the doctors for something as simple as checking someone’s blood pressure.


But with remote patient monitoring, patients have become more aware of their conditions. They check their vitals and understand when something is alarming. The user-friendly devices have made it even easier for them to understand their health better than before. They also understand what their provider prescribes and what each medicine does for their health with their increased knowledge.


Chronic care management and remote physiologic monitoring have worked together and made treatment easier for patients with chronic conditions for several years. They complement each other, and without one, the existence of the other is hardly possible.


We at CCM Health provide our patients with both of these services. To know more about how CCM and RPM work hand-in-hand for the betterment, you can reach out to us and see how we can assist you best.






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