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How to Create a Technical File for Real Estate Sales?


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Real Estate Tokenization

Information About A Property

A technical sheet for real estate sales is a document that provides detailed information about a property . This real estate document is used to present information such as advertisements in a precise and compact manner.
In this way a potential buyer gets an overview of all the relevant property. Information without having to physically go to the property location first.

Thanks to technology the way this information is presented has evolved. Since it was previously presented as a brochure which potential buyers could normally obtain from a real estate agency. This same technology makes it easy for you to create the technical files of your properties from a real estate CRM such as Nocnok.

Nowadays it is enough to surf the internet to find the information we need. So this technical file is included in the real estate portals where you publish your properties.

In order to reach more buyers in less time it is necessary to be present in several real estate portals. For this register here and with a single click the advertisement of your properties will appear in the most prominent portals in Mexico.

Where the information is located may have changed, however it remains the same. Here we specify what should be included in a real estate technical file.

Property Location

The location of the property is essential. Which is why it is normally written at the beginning of the technical sheet. Including address neighborhood name state and zip code.


A good description can help buyers get an idea of ​​the house just by looking at the technical data sheet of the property.

Provide a brief description that highlights features that might attract potential buyers. Such as style, age, and design.


You must write in summary the main characteristics of the property and its condition.

Regarding the characteristics you will have to specify:

-Builder surface.
-Number of rooms.
-Number of bathrooms.

Features that help distinguish your property from others will give it a competitive advantage over others. You must make sure that you do not omit any relevant information. Check here for the best details about real estate tokenization at digishares

Property details

In this section you must give specific details of the property you are selling or renting. Such as whether it has a pool, an alarm, 24-hour security, a fireplace, among others.

Property sale price

Most buyers want to know the price of the property they are looking for before anything else. Data sheets typically display the price at the top right, in an easy-to-read font and size.

Property status

Technical sheets allow buyers to know if a property is still for sale.

Photographs of the real estate

A technical file for the sale of real estate always includes an image of the exterior front of the house.

However, when this file is used in real estate portals , many more photographs are usually used so that potential buyers can have a much clearer idea of ​​​​the property.

Seller contact information

This segment provides the details of the seller or real estate agent. It will include the organization’s name, address, location, contact information, etc. Help interested buyers contact you when necessary.

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