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Best 1TB NVMe 4×4 SSDs


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Technology does not stand still, and when it comes to solid state drives, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Earlier, we already wrote about the advantages of SSD drives compared to conventional classic HDDs and the possible complete rejection of the latter. Today we will look at 5 M.2 format drives for the high-speed PCI-E 4.0 bus. In our opinion, the volume of 1 terabyte is the golden mean between the price and the required volume. Since all drives are very similar in terms of parameters and price, our rating is more symbolic, and which SSD to buy for your computer depends more on the user’s liking for the manufacturer.

First place

Gold goes to the Seagate Fire Cuda 530 M.2 ZP1000GM3A013 SSD . At the time of its release, it was considered the fastest, and it confidently holds its title in the home segment to this day. The whole secret of speed is in the use of TLC memory. Older versions of these solid state drives used slower flash chips and this was the weak point of the entire device.

The drive has an M.2 2280 form factor and is equipped with a heat-dissipating plate, which allows it to be installed not only in home computers, but also in laptops and game consoles. Drive survivability is 1275 TB TWB or 1.8 million hours of MTBF. Manufacturer’s warranty – 5 years. Read speed – 7300 MB / s, write speed – 6000 MB / s.

The price of the disc is about 16,500 rubles.

Second place

Close behind the winner is the Kingston KC3000 M.2 SKC3000S/1024G solid state drive . The drives of this series appeared quite recently, the main purpose is to use these SSDs to work with high-definition video. The speed characteristics are slightly different from the rating winner, but still they are slightly lower, so this disc takes an honorable second place.

The form factor of the disk is M.2 2280, it is equipped with an aluminum-graphene efficient heatsink with compact dimensions, so it can also be used in laptops. The disk uses fast TLC flash memory. The drive has a TWB of 800 TB or 1.8 million hours of MTBF. The manufacturer gives a 5 year warranty. Read speed – 7000 MB / s, write speed – 6000 MB/s. Check this for more details about Mini PC at Apcsilmic.

The price of an SSD is about 17 thousand rubles.

Third place

Bronze goes to the WD WD_BLACK SN850 WDS100T1X0E drive . This SSD at one time made a revolution in the solid state drive market, displacing even Samsung from the leading positions. Of course, the technologies are already too old and the speeds are lower than the top models, but still this drive takes an honorable third place. See

The form factor of the disk is the already familiar M.2 2280, the cooling system looks rather modest: a foil heatsink with a branded sticker. Still, this drive was developed for expensive systems, and they usually had cooling for M.2 bundled from the factory. But even the absence of a complete, at first glance, cooling system does not affect the operation of the disk. The SSD resource is 600 TB TWB, the manufacturer’s warranty is already standard – 5 years. Read speed – 7000 MB / s, write speed – 5300 MB / s.

The price of the drive is 18 thousand rubles.

Fourth place

Fourth place goes to SSD Crucial P5 Plus CT1000P5PSSD8 . The drive was developed by Micron, it is she who dictates the rules for the solid state drive market together with Samsung, or, to be more precise, develops memory chips for solid state drives. Almost all top-end SSDs use flash from these brands.

The drive has an M.2 2280 form factor, is equipped with a modest heatsink, but its capabilities are sufficient for the full functioning of the drive. Drive durability is 600 TB TBW. The manufacturer provides a limited five-year warranty. Read speed – 6600 MB / s, write speed – 5000 MB / s.

The price of this solid state drive is about 15 thousand rubles.

Fifth place

Our rating is closed by a drive positioned as NVMe 4×4, but in fact it is PCI-E 3.0. In last place is modestly SSD Transcend MTE240S TS1TMTE240S . Most likely, the 3D NAND memory of the previous generation is the culprit for the low data transfer rate. The disease was quite common before in other similar drives, but many manufacturers quickly eliminated this drawback.

The disk form factor is M.2 2280. A compact graphene heatsink is installed. The disk is hot enough, it can heat up to 75 degrees Celsius, while fully maintaining its performance. With fairly modest read / write parameters, which correspond to 3800/3200 megabytes per second, the drive has an impressive TBW endurance of 1700 TB, which is higher than even the fastest drive in our rating. Of course, in terms of speed, this SSD is clearly inferior to all its competitors, but the durability indicator is unrivaled. The manufacturer confidently gives a 5-year warranty on its SSD.

The price of the drive is about 15 thousand rubles.


The solid state drives presented in the review have some similar and completely different parameters. All of them are worthy to occupy the M.2 slot of your motherboard. When choosing an SSD for your computer, you need to pay attention not only to speed characteristics, but also to the planned service life. Compared to ordinary classic hard drives, all SDDs have speeds that are ten times faster than even the fastest enterprise-class HDDs.

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