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7 Garage Door Maintenance Tips


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On the front of the house, the first thing that stands out is the garage door. It is the entrance that allows direct access to the home. Without getting out of the car which is very safe and easy. It is the main reason to equip yourself with efficient maintenance that allows you to have the correct operation of the garage door and its opener at all times.

Garage Door

The useful life of an element as important as the garage door is duly prolonged just by complying with a basic maintenance routine. Which allows the door opener and all its components to work very well and for much longer.

According to the International Door Association (IDA), it is recommended that your garage door system be checked and tested at least once a month to ensure that your garage door opener, springs, cables, rollers and pulleys are working properly. And have your necessary protection.

Basic Tips for Your Garage Door

Garage door maintenance is a very easy and inexpensive way. To prevent wear and tear as it needs to include lubrication and balancing of the door every month as well. Certain steps must be taken into account so that the door system remains as new in the garage.

Balance, Lubricate the Rollers

It is necessary to test the balance, lubricate the rollers bearings and chains of the garage door. Also Inspect and clean the springs and tracks and adjust the sensitivity of the garage door opener. Many hire a professional for this maintenance.

Ensure the balance of the garage door verifying that it has a proper balance. First closing the door pulling the handle to do the manual operation. Then they lift the door about 3 or 4 feet off the ground if it stays open it’s because the door is balanced. But if it closes it is important to have the help of an expert to ensure your balance.

Lubricate rollers bearings and chains on a regular basis. To ensure that the moving parts of the garage door are maintained with silicone lubricants or special light oils for metal parts.

With a drop in the motor of each roller since when moving it lubricates to the bearings. They also lubricate the hinges and springs so they don’t get stuck.

Visually inspect

Visually inspect and clean the springs and tracks as well as the rails and hardware of the garage doors. As it is a reliable way to prevent wear and detect any problem in time. Especially in the springs since their durability cannot be foreseen.

When the springs have problems they disengage the opener and open the door manually. But it is recommended that garage owners have the help of certified experts to repair or replace the springs since they can be under high tension, which can cause serious injuries.

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The rollers.

For the proper maintenance of the garage door it is necessary to vacuum the caterpillars to remove the residues and prevent them from reaching the rollers.

The rollers must be aligned so that they properly drag the door wheels and avoid wear due to lack of cleaning or maintenance. When the tracks are not aligned it is necessary to loosen the screws on the brackets to straighten the tracks and tighten them again.

Sensitivity of the door

Adjust the sensitivity of the door opener, since with this procedure you can verify its closing force by placing a 2×4 under the door and then closing it. When the door rebounds, it is possible that its sensitivity level is correct. But when the door does not rebound. It is better to reduce its force with an adjustment opening system to make it ideal for operation.

Monthly Maintenance.

Homeowners who know the status of their garage can prevent problems in time. Since they can check all its elements, through monthly maintenance. They take care to guarantee a review of the system to prevent rust and dirt from appearing. That generates wear or can break parts and ruin their operation early.

Enlist the help of a technician.

On the other hand the specialists of the International Door Association (IDA) recommend that when there are problems of deterioration of the components of the garage doors.

It is important to have the technical service of experts to advance the repairs or replacements to the previous ones. That takes place in order to ensure that its useful life is greatly increased.

Why Is Garage Door Maintenance So Important?

Home protection is a very broad concept. Where doors, including the garage door. Are of great importance. The protection and well-being of the family are great reasons to keep the garage in perfect condition. A goal that is achieved by offering it exclusive attention understanding that it is an especially important point for home security.

Keeping the garage door operating in an ideal state for family safety allows everyone to safely arrive in their cars and enter the house without difficulty. It is a safe way to use garages as they are designed so that people have access to their homes with the highest level of comfort and safety.


Maintenance is the key for garage doors to fulfill their function. Which is why door professionals ensure that when you cannot follow the recommended steps to keep the parts lubricated and maintained. it is better to hire experienced technicians. To do their job and keep the garage door functionally safe.

When garage doors are prevented from rusting. Deteriorating or/and becoming out of adjustment, time and money are saved, since they have mechanisms that require preventive maintenance so that they work properly, otherwise they can break down in a short time, which generates setbacks and loss of time and capital in emergency repairs or urgent changes.

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